Monday, August 29, 2011

I love unicorns

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

REVIEW: Alexander Wang Rocco

I both tweeted & filmed a video about being extremely excited, yet disappointed about my new handbag. And this is it.

The Alexander Wang Rocco in a style that I was obsessing over for its rocker chic vibe. This version of the Rocco had my heart. 

The leather is stunning, thick and smooshy, and the pebbled leather detail adds such a nice touch. The studs are a great color, a ridged gold tone color which compliments the burnished gold-tone zip fastening. Each material was just as I expected and I loved it.

This bag was originally named the Coco, though the name seems to have caused some legal problems hence the name change. The Rocco continues to garner an immense amount of press and buzz, with everyone wanting to get their hands on this particular combination. 

As seen on many celebrities, including Mary Kate Olsen and Kristen Cavallari from The Hills.

Now comes the disappointing part...
The bag is very heavy. I have tried on hundreds of bags over time, and always liked the stud trend, but this bag has one of the worst weight-to-size ratios I have ever held on my arm. With the studs being on the bottom, the duffel body has no option other than to slouch lacklusterly down to the ground, the weight of the studs pull the leather straight down.
The size is very similar to the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, which is another bag that at times people dislike due to the lack of shape. The Rocco really lacks shape though, the body of the bag looks nothing like it does on the website. Obviously each website that photographs this bag will stuff it, which will give it the structure and shape that I so desperately desired.
You can buy this version of the Rocco via shopbop for $875.
Please share your thoughts on this bag below.