Monday, March 26, 2012

Peaches in kittyland (OOTD)

Button down- Anthropologie
Tank- Dolls Kill
Shorts- Vintage
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Belt- Thrifted
Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Hiiiya everyone! I'm so in love with this outfit and it's such a beautiful day, at a stunning 80ยบ outside! I'm going to a musical downtown today, so I thought this outfit would be puuuuurfect. *wink wink*

Much Love

Monday, August 29, 2011

I love unicorns

Dress - BtSSB
Blouse - BtSSB
Purse - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Angelic Pretty
Headbow - BtSSB

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

REVIEW: Alexander Wang Rocco

I both tweeted & filmed a video about being extremely excited, yet disappointed about my new handbag. And this is it.

The Alexander Wang Rocco in a style that I was obsessing over for its rocker chic vibe. This version of the Rocco had my heart. 

The leather is stunning, thick and smooshy, and the pebbled leather detail adds such a nice touch. The studs are a great color, a ridged gold tone color which compliments the burnished gold-tone zip fastening. Each material was just as I expected and I loved it.

This bag was originally named the Coco, though the name seems to have caused some legal problems hence the name change. The Rocco continues to garner an immense amount of press and buzz, with everyone wanting to get their hands on this particular combination. 

As seen on many celebrities, including Mary Kate Olsen and Kristen Cavallari from The Hills.

Now comes the disappointing part...
The bag is very heavy. I have tried on hundreds of bags over time, and always liked the stud trend, but this bag has one of the worst weight-to-size ratios I have ever held on my arm. With the studs being on the bottom, the duffel body has no option other than to slouch lacklusterly down to the ground, the weight of the studs pull the leather straight down.
The size is very similar to the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, which is another bag that at times people dislike due to the lack of shape. The Rocco really lacks shape though, the body of the bag looks nothing like it does on the website. Obviously each website that photographs this bag will stuff it, which will give it the structure and shape that I so desperately desired.
You can buy this version of the Rocco via shopbop for $875.
Please share your thoughts on this bag below.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nana Osaki Cosplay

For this years AnimeExpo (July 1 - 4), I cosplayed as Nana.
If you don't know who Nana is, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!

Nana Osaki Is a fictional charactor in the manga/anime series Nana, by Ai Yazawa.

In high school, she was friendless until she met Nobuo Terashima, who introduced her to punk music and bands such as The Sex Pistols.
She was falsely accused of prostitution and was expelled when she didn't deny the charges.
Nana soon regretted her decision; she believes that the accusations led to her grandmother's fatal illness. However, as a present to herself, Nana bought her first red dress.
Nana wore the red dress to a punk concert with Nobu, where she first laid eyes on Ren Honjo. Nana was instantly captivated by him, and accepted Ren's offer when he asked her to join the band he was starting with Nobu and their friend Yasu.

As the lead singer of the band Black Stones (Blast, for short), Nana gained a rabid following of fans in her hometown. She developed a typically "cool" appearance, wearing the punk fashions of Vivienne Westwood and getting a lotus tattoo on her arm. She also moved in with Ren, and the two shared an intense romance until Ren told her that he had been offered a big record deal and would be leaving Blast to play with the band Trapnest in Tokyo. Though Ren and Nana still loved each other, they believed that a long distance relationship would be pointless. Nana proudly refused to abandon her own musical career to follow Ren; thus, their relationship ended.

Determined to "polish the shards of her dreams" and become a successful musician, Nana moved to Tokyo and re-formed Blast with Nobu, Yasu, and a new bassist, Shin. She also befriended Nana Komatsu, a kind-hearted but scatter-brained girl who, like Nana Osaki, wished to fulfill her dreams in Tokyo. The two Nanas shared an apartment (numbered 707, "Nana" being the Japanese word for seven) and became quite close despite their different personalities and aspirations. Nana gave Nana Komatsu the nickname "Hachi," (meaning eight) which was adopted by their mutual friends. Nana also became fiercely protective of Hachi, going so far as to physically threaten Hachi's philandering boyfriend, Shoji. However, Nana is also somewhat possessive of Hachi, and feels jealous when anyone appears to be taking "her" Hachi away.

Items I Bought For This Cosplay:
Leather Jacket (Superdry)
Armour Ring (Hervia)
Black Wig (
Plaid Skirt (Dillard's)
Fishnet Tights (Hot Topic)
Plaid Hat (Vintage Shop)
White Tank Top (Alice + Olivia)
Spiked Choker (Hot Topic)
Spiked Bracelet (Hot Topic)
Black Nail Polish (Chanel)

Pictures from AnimeExpo 2011:

Monday, June 20, 2011

My new BtSSB dress! ♥ *so happy*

My trip to San Francisco was pretty short, but on the top of my to-do list was to visit the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright store. ^_^ The Baby store in San Francisco is the only one in the US, and one of a few that are outside of Japan. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright is a Japanese brand that specializes in lolita clothing.  The shop is located inside of the New People building in Japantown. :)

I can't believe it! My very first Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress! 
(I also purchased a petticoat & a blouse, but those are kinda boring! ;)

134★295 Take A Walk With Usakumya-chan JSK
$304: comes in pink, red, & black

Isn't it just the cutest thing?! It makes me feel like a princess when I wear it. ♥ My shopping experience at SF Baby store was amazing! The store was big and had lots to choose from and the shop girls were incredibly nice and helpful.  and It was also nice to talk to the staff and be able to understand everything they were saying! ^_^

In the picture above, you can see how nicely they packaged my purchase.  Everything is folded and wrapped in tissue paper and then slid into a sealable plastic bag before being put into the sturdy paper bag with the Baby logo on it! They also gave me a postcard, sticker and a point card. ^_^

Here are some pictures from inside the store:

When you try on any clothing the shop girls are more than willing to help you zip up, lace up and tie waist ties. One thing I didn’t know previously is that when a dress has lacing up the back you are not supposed to pull it tight when you tie it. The lace that the ribbon is laced through is very delicate and can be stretched and distorted very easily. The back should be loosely laced up and tied into a bow. 

I think I broke the bank on this shopping trip... ;)